Planinka Prolom Water Prolom Spa Devil's Town
ID Card
Full Name: Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju "Prolom Banja"
Abbreviation: Prolom Banja
Address: 18433 Prolom Banja
Telephone: +381 27/83-88-111
Fax: +381 27/83-88-092
e-mail: 104363123
Reg. no.: 17654772
VATIN: 246095409
Activity code: 85141
Registration number: 6146612098
Current accounts with domestic banks
Vojvođanska bank: 355-1083405-92
Erste Bank: 340-11004025-59
OTP Bank: 325-9500700018386-36
Instructions for incoming payments in euros:
IBAN: RS35265100000009800640
IBAN: RS35285100120989723416
Contacts Phone/fax e-mail
Hotel "Radan" - Prolom Spa +381 27 83 88 111
Hotel "Jelak" – Lukovo Spa +381 27 385 999
Hotel "Kopaonik" – Lukovo Spa +381 27 385 995
Sales and Marketing +381 27 381 344
Contact Persons
Managing Director of the Special Hospital
Žarko Đurić
+381 27 381 344
Director of the Profit Center „Prolom Spa“
Zlatko Veljović
+381 27 83 88 111
Assistent director of Prolom Spa
Slaviša Jovanović
+ 381 27 83 88 111
Marketing of Prolom Spa
Snežana Ilić
+381 27 381 344
Marketing of Lukovo Spa
Jelena Stepanović
+381 27 385 999
Front Desk Manager of Prolom Spa
Violeta Milić
+381 27 83 88 111
Front Desk Manager of Lukovo Spa
Stanisav Gajić
+381 27 385 995
Office in Belgrade
Jelena Ilić
+381 11 3660 495
Office in Novi Sad
Tanja Matijević
+381 21 47 21 868

Legal regulations

Company „Planinka“jsc Kursumlija, as well as Special hospital for Rehabilitation „Prolom Spa“, whose sole founder is Planinka jsc, and within which the profit centers „Prolom Spa“ and „Lukovo Spa“ are operating, with the necessary caution in shaping the Internet pages, will try to guaranty accuracy and update on information on its Internet pages, although it takes no responsibility for their accuracy. All users are using the published content at their own risk. Neither „Planinka“jsc, nor any other legal or individual entity which took part in creation and making of this Internet page is not to be held responsible for any possible damage that may be caused by access, using or inability to use the information on these Internet pages or for any other mistake or shortcoming in their content.
All the information and pictures contained by the Internet pages and, are in legally permitted framework a subject to copyright protection and other forms of intellectual property protection. Documents, published on these Internet pages can be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes, whereby they must preserve all stated warnings about copyright and other rights, and cannot be rewritten, duplicated or in any other way distributed for commercial purposes. Logo and the service logo, which appear on these pages, are registered logos of the company Planinka jsc, i.e. only joint stock company has a right to use them.

Privacy Protection

Company „Planinka“ jsc shall keep all the received data from the visitors of the Internet pages in accordance with the Law of Personal Data Protection and other legal regulations which regulate the aforementioned area. By sending personal data through informational or reservation form, the visitor of the Internet pages agrees to let company „Planinka“jsc use those information for internal needs of statistics and data processing. Thereby the company commits not to transmit information to any third parties or companies for commercial exploitation of personal data.

Pravilnik o postupku unutrašnjeg uzbunjivanja kod S.B. "Prolom Banja"

About us

O Lukovskoj Banji

About the company
What is now joint stock company „Planinka“, was founded in 1964 as a state owned enterprise. Since 1999, the company has been operating as a joint stock company, owned by small stockholders. Within the company, there is a factory for bottling natural Prolom Water, and Special Hospital „Prolom Spa“ which contains two profit centers: Prolom Spa and Lukovo Spa jsc. Planinka is also the guardian of the Natural monument Devils Town.

Special Hospital for Rehabilitation "Prolom Spa"
Special hospital for rehabilitation Prolom Spa was founded in 2009, as a subsidiary company of the parent company Planinka. It consists of profit centers Prolom Spa and Lukovo Spa. In our spas we take care of the quality of service and personal approach to every guest. We offer a combination of health, recreational and wellness programs, together with our restaurants and entertainment contents.

We strive to provide a high quality of service and top-notch treatments to our guests, and thus to help them lead a healthy, active and long life.

Our main goal is to be a leading group in spa tourism in Serbia, now and in the future, led by the needs of our guests, ready to attract international clientele.