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Excursions with Spa’s guide to the sites in the vicinity are organized several times a week for the guests of the hotel:

St.George Church in Lukovo Spa:
St.George Church is located on the stone mountaintop on 875 masl, from where a magical view on the whole pit spreads. There are two paths to the church, a shorter and narrower path which is 900m long (for sportsmen and young active people), and a longer path of 2400m. there is a possibility of organizing transport to the church.

Church of St.Mina in Stava:
Church of St Mina is located in village Stava, which is 6km away from the Spa. It was built from hewn stone and covered with stone plates. What gives a significant cultural value to this church is the preserved frescoes.

Prolom Spa:
Prolom Spa is 58km away from Lukovo Spa. It is well known, firstly, for its healing Prolom Water of unique mineral composition, which helps in treatment of kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, peripheral blood vessel diseases and extra-articular rheumatism. Near the hotel complex, there is a factory for bottling Prolom Water. Hotel’s service organized full day excursions to Prolom Spa with organized lunch in hotel Radan in Prolom Spa.

Devil’s Town:
Lokalitet Devil’s Town The site Devil’s Town is 27km away from Prolom Spa. It is under the protection of state as a Natural Monument of I category, and simultaneously, it is the only representative of Serbia in the “7 Wonders of Nature”.

Churches from the XII century in Kursumlija:
In Kursumlija, just 22km away from Prolom Spa, there are the first foundations of Stefan Nemanja, dating from XII century: St.Nicholas Church and Church of the Holy Mother of God. The excursion is organized together with a tour guide and a visit to the early-byzantine basilica and exploring the sights of the town.

Neolithic Site Plocnik
Neolithic site Plocnik is 28km away from Prolom Spa. The settlement is 7500 years old and it is a rich finding of artifacts from the Neolithic period, when the first copper foundries in the world existed on this site. In the vicinity of this site, there are also Roman baths.

National Park Kopaonik
National park Kopaonik is 60km away from Lukovo Spa. The excursion is organized with a guide for visiting the tourist centre of Kopaonik. Optional: cable car ride to the Pancic top.