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Wellness treatments

Wellness center of Lukovo Spa is an exclusive complex where the balance of body, mind and spirit is achieved in a natural manner. All of the beneficial properties of mineral waters, steam and heat are there to help you relax, enjoy and relieve your everyday stress.

Salt room (Halotherapy) - is based on the dosed stay in the room built of stone salt, which creates a healing microclimate of the natural salt caves. The air is saturated with the finest particles of salt with numerous microelements which have a beneficial effect on the human body, so it is recommended not only for people with health issues, but also to healthy people and sportsmen for relaxation. A stay in the salt room has a positive effect on the mood, cures headache, strengthens the immune system, breathing and heart rate.

Tepidarium – is a space with benches heated to 37-39°C, which is similar to the temperature of the body, which achieves that the body emits as much heat as it receives. Simultaneously, the blood vessels expand which improves the blood flow, thus strengthening the immune system. Lying on these benches relaxes the muscles as well as the nervous system, and the body is returned to the natural balance. The tepidarium is recommended as the preparation for the stay in the steam bath.

Steam bath - or hamam is a steam treatment in a closed and warm space, which instigates sweating and toxin releasing. The correct period of the treatment is between 10 and 20 minutes, after which a shower with lukewarm water follows, in order to stimulate the body.

Sauna - A high temperature is used in the sauna in order to instigate profuse sweating and toxin release. Staying in sauna stimulates the natural healing processes in the body and reduced the joint and muscle pain. The benefits for sauna users are numerous, and the effect achieved is both physical and psychological. Sauna increases secretion of serotonin (hormone of happiness), thus achieving a psychophysical balance of the whole body.

Jacuzzi pool and bath - are used to relax the muscles, stiffness and for relaxation. With the help of heat and pressure a synergic effect is achieved, so that jets treat certain parts of the body and provide the maximum effect of relaxation.