Planinka Prolom Water Prolom Spa Devil's Town


Climatorium in Lukovo Spa is a space with a large number of thermal springs of different compositions and temperature. Here, numerous climatological procedures and natural inhalations can be conducted.

King Milutin’s Bath
Balneo-therapeutic baths in thermal mineral carbon-acid and sulfurous water of sodium-calcium-magnesium bicarbonate type are applied. Water temperature is 42-44⁰C.

Local Bath Pools – “Whirlpools”
Whirlpools are actually small pools for local hydro-balneo and mud therapy. In these pools, or as the local people call them “Whirlpools” or “Healers”, thermal mineral water spontaneously springs. Water temperature ranges from 33 in the coldest, and 44 in the hottest spring. They are usually used for local baths of peripheral joints (feet, knees, hands and elbows).

Natural Inhalatorium
Natural inhalatorium is located along the riverbank and it consists of numerous petrified tubes through which thermo mineral water rich with hydrogen sulfide comes out and interflows into the fountain. The air around this fountain is very saturated with hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) which is characteristic for a specific mildly unpleasant smell. The sulfur from hydrogen sulfide is inhaled, and through the mucous membrane of the lungs it is easily absorbed (80% of the present amount in the air is absorbed). Through blood it reaches all the cells in the body and achieves numerous biological effects, some of which are very important:

  • Antibacterial (bacteriostatic and bacterioacidal) effect is achieved in the airways, antiallergenic (hypo and desentisizing), bronchodilatory (dilating the airways) and expectoratory (enables expectoration);
  • It participates in the creation of proteins on a cellular level (protein synthesis) which are necessary for production of numerous enzymes, boosts synthesis (creation) and secretion of insulin, helps in fat burning, decreases cholesterol levels in blood, accelerates wound healing (stimulating the tissue breathing), boosts lymph and sweat glands function and stimulates tissue regeneration (regeneration processes);
  • In joints and cartilage of chronic rheumatic patients retention of sulfur is increased, which protects the joint capsule and cartilage from damage (inhibits the hyaludonidasis enzyme, thus stopping the hyaluronic acid decomposition in the joint capsule and chondroitin of sulfuric acid in cartilage), which is a therapy of choice with rheumatic arthritis.

This is why breathing the air saturated with hydrogen sulfide is recommended especially to the patients of rheumatic diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema), diabetes and elevated values of fat in blood (hyperlipidemia). It is also recommended to healthy people, including children, as a very useful procedure in health protection and improving the general health of the body.