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Healing Waters


There are 37 thermal water springs with temperature ranging from 28 to 69⁰C, in Lukovo Spa. Thermal Water which is used in the medicine centers of both hotels and in the pools belongs to the category of Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium Bicarbonate and Low-Sulfide Hyperthermal water.

Based on the Institute’s opinion, the healing thermal waters of Lukovo Spa belong to high quality mineral waters observed from a balneotherapy aspect, due to a very beneficial anion-cation composition, temperature and presence of dissolved hydrogen-sulfide. The water is very mineralized, with over 1g/l dissolved solid ingredients, exceptional hyperthermal value which can be cooled to certain temperatures for usage, depending on the indication. The composition of this water consists of significant amount of dominant sodium ions, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates and dissolved hydrogen-sulfide which is well absorbed through the skin, showing beneficial healing effects, especially when it comes to rheumatic and skin conditions.

Healing mud made in combination with the thermal water is also used for healing. Soil of high mineral qualities is broken down, sieved and mixed with the healing water. Then, the mud is used for indirect applications. Mineral mud of Lukovo Spa shows beneficial and therapeutic effects on numerous diseases.