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In Lukovo Spa, besides during the weekday, doctor’s appointments and treatments are conducted on weekends and holidays, so that you may use up every day of your stay in our spa. Also, a 24/7 health care is organized in the hotel.


  • Examinations with the spa’s specialist doctors (internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation) or with a general practitioner
  • Examinations with our associate doctors (professor of balneoclimatology and specialists of physical medicine and rehabilitation),
  • Osteodensitometer – ultrasonic measurement of the bone density.



  • General baths in thermal water,
  • Four cell baths – used when patients cannot use baths or pools due to contraindications
  • Pearl bath – beside the healing properties of thermal water, mechanical effect of hydromassage and chemical effect of oxygen and ozone are also used for a soft tissue massage, muscle relaxation, spasm relaxation and improvement of blood circulation,
  • Underwater massage – with the help of the thermal water pulses under pressure 1-2 atm, respecting the principle of the venous blood flow (from peripheral body parts toward the heart),
  • Hydrokinesio therapy – exercises with a therapist in pools with thermal water 33-35°C (comfort zone).

Sljivak Bath
Sljivak bath is a couple of hundred meters away from hotel Kopaonik and it is very popular among the spa’s guests, because thermal water which spontaneously spring from the ground is used and it has a specific chemical composition and dissolved gasses – carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The temperature of water in the bat is about 40-42°C and the treatment is limitated to 15-20 minutes.

King Milutin’s Bath
King Milutin’s Bath is located in place where a bath existed since the olden times, and authentic spring water is used (temperature 42-44°C).

Not far from hotel Kopaonik, “whirlpools” are located. In these pools mineral water spontaneously springs. Water temperature ranges from 33 in the coldest, and 44 in the hottest spring. They are usually used for local baths of peripheral joints (feet, knees, hands and elbows).

Mud Therapy

Healing mud of Lukovo Spa is of non-organic origin and it is made by mixing healing water in special machines. It is applied as mud packs of 45⁰C, to the affected areas and/or part of spine. Mud therapy is great for reducing pain, increasing circulation and intensifying the metabolic processes.


  • Galvanization and electrophoresis – improved tissue blood supply, reduced pain, improves circulation.
  • Diadynamic – owing to the low frequency intermittent galvanic currents the circulation is improved and a strong analgesic effect is achieved.
  • Interferential currents – remove muscle spasm, reduce pain, enable better mobility.
  • TENS – primenjuje se kod svih bolnih stanja gde je potreban brz i jak efekat na obolele zglobove i tkiva.
  • Ultrasound – ultrasonic waves penetrate 3-5cm into the tissue and have analgesic effect, thermal and mechanical effect as tissue massage.
  • Magnetotherapy – especially efficient for rheumatic disease treatment, because it reduces swelling and inflammation of joints, reduces pain, enhances wound healing and healing of bone fractures, removes muscle spasm, stimulates calcium entry into bones with osteoporosis and after fractures, increases local and general immunity. The best results are recorded with osteoporosis, gonartrhrosis, coxarthrosis, neck and lower back spondylosis, injuries and fractures, implanted artificial hips and knees, multiple sclerosis…
  • Laserotherapy - reduces pain, inflammatory conditions, swelling, enhances tissue regeneration, has a positive effect on bone regeneration as well as peripheral nerves, muscle tissue and skin. It show an especially positive effect with sports injuries, slow healing wounds, rheumatic diseases, and it is used as laser acupuncture also.
  • Bioptron lamp (bioptron light therapy) reduces pain, increases microcirculation, enhances wound healing, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the regenerative processes in the body.


Kinesiotherapy is application of movements for the sake of therapy. Its effects are – improvement in the joint mobility, muscle strength and elasticity, circulation improvement, creation of correct movement scheme and motor activity.

Manual massage

Manual massage relaxes the muscles, improves the blood flow, reduces pains and calms. Classical therapeutic massage (segmental or full body massage) is applied, as well as relax or reflex massage.

Extension (decompression) therapy

Extension (decompression) therapy is contemporary kinesiotherapy method which consists of stretching certain parts of the spine with help of mechanical force. It reduces pains and enables treatment of discus in neck and lower back parts of the spine. The indications for application are – discus hernia, polydiscopathia, discus degeneration, spondylosis, lumbar or cervical chronic pain syndrome, facet syndrome, bulging discus.

Quantum therapy

PXD biotherpist plate creates a positively polarized magnetic field which emits beneficial energy for the cells. It is used with rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, joint inflammation, muscle inflammation, reduces neck, back and pain in extremities, it has a beneficial effect on blood flow and circulation.