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Climatorium in Lukovska Banja is an area in which numerous thermal water springs, of different composition and temperature, are found. In this area, climatological procedures and natural inhalation are applied.

King Milutin’s Bath
In King Milutin’s Bath balneotherapeutic baths in thermal and mineral carbonic acid and sulphurous water of sodium-calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonate type, at temperatures from 42 ⁰C to 44 ⁰C.

Swimming pools for localised baths – Whirlpools
Whirlpools are small swimming pools for the localised hydro-, balneo- and peloid therapy. In these swimming pools, or as called by the local people: “Virovi“ or “Vidarice”, natural springs of water appear spontaneously. The temperature of water in whirlpools is at 33 °C in the coldest part, up to 44 °C in the hottest part. It is mainly used for localised baths of peripheral joints (feet, knees, hands and elbows).

Natural inhalatorium
Natural inhalatorium is found on the very river bank and includes numerous petrified pipes through which thermal and mineral water, rich in hydrogen sulphide, comes out and flows into the fountain. The air around the fountain is saturated with the gas, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), recognizable for its specific slightly unpleasant odour.
Sulphur from hydrogen sulphide is, by inhaling, through the mucous membranes of the lungs, very well resorbed (80 % of the present quantity in the air). It reaches through blood all cells in the body with numerous biological effects, of which some are of great importance:

Inhaling the air saturated with hydrogen sulphide is especially recommended to patients who suffer from rheumatic diseases, chronic obstructive lung disease, diabetes and increased fat in the blood. It is also recommended to healthy persons, including children, for health prevention and improvement of the entire body condition.