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Medicinal waters

In Lukovska Banja there are 37 known springs of thermal and mineral water, with temperature from 28 ⁰C to 69 ⁰C. Thermal water used in medical centres of both hotels and swimming pools belongs to the category of sodium-calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonate and sulphide-poor hypothermal waters.
According to the Institute’s opinion, medicinal thermal Lukovska Banja waters belong to high quality mineral waters, from the balneotherapeutic aspect, thanks to favourable anion-cation composition, temperature and presence of dissolved hydrogen sulphide. It is a highly mineralised water, having more than 1 g/L dissolved solid ingredients, extraordinary hypothermal properties, enabling cooling to desired temperatures for application, depending on indications for use; it contains significant quantities of dominant ions of sodium, magnesium, calcium, hydrocarbonate and dissolved hydrogen sulphide, which is well resorbed over the skin with bathing and has a healing effect, particularly in rheumatic and skin diseases.
Healing mud in combination with thermal water is also used in treatment. The soil of high mineral value is grinded, sifted and mixed with medicinal water, and the mud is then used for indirect application. Mineral mud has pronounced therapeutic and beneficial effect on numerous diseases.