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Day trips

For hotel guests guided day trips on sites in the spa immediate or distant vicinity are organised several times a week:

Lukovska banja
St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church was built on a stone at 875 m above the sea level, offering an outstanding view of the whole valley. Challenge lovers, recreation lovers and athletes can get to the Church using a shorter, steep trail 900 m long, while for the ones who prefer easy walking pace, there is a longer 2400 m trail. Organised transport to the Church is also possible.

St. Mina’s Church

At a distance of 6 km, in the Village of Štava, there is St. Mina’s Church from the 16th century. It is made of ashlar and covered with stone slabs; special cultural value of this church are the preserved frescoes. This church is a real treasure trove of historical treasures and storyteller of one of the most beautiful Legend of Forgiveness.

Prolom Banja

At a distance of 58 km from Lukovska Banja, there is another pearl of the balneological triangle of the Toplica Region: Prolom Banja. It is well known particularly for its medicinal Prolom Water of unique mineral composition, but also the lush nature of Mt. Radan and rich wellness and medicinal offer of the Radan Hotel.

Devil’s Town

The only representative of Serbia in the selection of New 7 Wonders of the World is found at a distance of 27 km from Prolom Banja. The visit to this unique geomorphological phenomenon is meeting 202 soil figures, 2 springs of exceptionally acid mineral water of specific composition and red colour, contrasts of Mt. Radan, but also entering the world of mystery and imagination.

Twelfth-Century Monasteries

Rich offer of religious tourism in the surroundings of Prolom Banja includes the first endowments of Stefan Nemanja from the 12th century: St. Nikola’s Monastery and the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God. Our area is a treasury of places of worship and cultural and historic landmarks which point to the beginnings of Serbian spirituality and statehood.

Village Pločnik Neolithic site

The Neolithic archaeological site was found by pure chance in 1927, during the construction of the railway in Village Pločnik, which is the reason why it was named after the village. One of the most significant discoveries was in trench 20, where the first copper melting furnaces were found, and the site today is a reconstructed village settlement from 7,500 years ago.

Church of Saints Apostles Peter and Paul

This Church dedicated to Saints Apostles Peter and Paul is found in the Babići Settlement at the very Lukovska Banja entrance. It owes its current appearance to the restoration in 1895. According to oral tradition, the Church of Saintes Apostles Peter and Paul dates back to the times of Stefan Nemanjić and it was restored by King Milutin at the beginning of the 14th century.

Kopaonik National Park

Lukovska Banja belongs to the slopes of Mt. Kopaonik, and the hot water springs are an ideal partner of the fresh mountain air. The Kopaonik National Park is found at a distance of some 60 km from Lukovska Banja. Guided day trips are organised for visits to the Kopaonik Tourist Centre. Optional: Cable car ride to Pančić’s Peak.